Zabbix 5.4: Report manager is disabled


I just installed Zabbix 5.4 and i want to test ‘scheduled reports’ but i keep getting:

Report manager is disabled.

Here’s the interface:
enter image description here

Since the feature is new i can’t find a solution. so if someone is familiar please help me fix it and enable the report manager.


You need to enable report writer in server config.
In /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf (assuming you are running Zabbix on a Linux machine) change the value of StartReportWriters to at least 1, then restart the server.


You also need to set WebServiceURL parameter in zabbix_server.conf. The URL should be in format <host>:<port>/report. Default port is 10053.


/report path is mandatory and hardcoded, and so can not be changed.

Next, Frontend URL parameter must be set. Go to Administration → General → Other parameters, and specify the full URL of the Zabbix web interface in the Frontend URL parameter.

Image from official documentation

More detailed instructions can be found in official documentation.

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