Vuetify v-select dynamically populate/sort


I am trying to dynamically populate and sort an array used by v-select. However I am coming across the es-lint warning ‘unexpected side-effect in computed property’, because I am mutating objects in that call. Is there a more appropriate pattern for appending new data to an array and sorting it? Here is some quick & dirty skeleton code to get the gist across

// SomeFile.vue
<MySelectComponent :someData="changingArray" />

// MySelectComponent.vue
<v-select v-model="selectedItems" :items="mergeWithNewData" >

props: { 
  someData: Array,
data: () => ({
  selectedItems: [],
  holdsEverything: [],
computed: {
  mergeWithNewData() {
    this.someData.forEach(item => {
      if (!this.holdsEverything.includes(item)){
    return this.holdsEverything;

As an example, Let’s say changingArray starts as [‘a’,’b’,’c’]. As the code is running changingArray is now [‘b’,’z’]. holdsEverything should be [‘a’,’b’,’c’,’z’]


Looks like you want the sorted distinct values from someData. There’s no need to push data to another array when using computed, just return the calculated results as follows:

computed: {
  mergeWithNewData () {
    return [ Set(this.someData)].sort()

Or use watch instead of computed:

<v-select v-model="selectedItems" :items="holdsEverything" >  
// use holdsEverthing directly

watch: {
  someData (newval) {
    newval.forEach(item => {
      if (!this.holdsEverything.includes(item)){
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