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Typescript object fields keys generically

Asked By: Anonymous

I have a data structure that contains various optional fields with different types that have to be fetched individually and formatted. The formatting functions take concrete values.

I tried doing something like the following minimal working example, but it errors with with Property 'value' does not exist on type 'Data[P]'.

I understand why the problem happens, but I want to make this work. I quick hack would be to cast data[idx][key] as Optional<T>, but can this be done without type casts?

// In my code this is more complex, a simple `T | undefined` doesn't work.
type Optional<T> = { kind: 'none' } | { kind: 'value', value: T};

interface Data {
  name: Optional<string>;
  id: Optional<number>;

function computeIndex(): number {
  // Some logic here
  return 0;

// Format field `key` of `data` using `formatter`.
// Use default `def` if the value is `none`.
function printField<
  P extends keyof Data,
  T extends Data[P] extends Optional<infer V> ? V : never
>(data: Data[], key: P, formatter: (val: T) => string, def: T): string {
  const idx = computeIndex();

  const field = data[idx][key];

  switch (field.kind) {
    case 'none':
      return formatter(def);

    case 'value':
      return formatter(field.value);


Answered By: Anonymous

I don’t believe there is a cast-free solution at present.

Ultimately, TS seems to have trouble inferring Optional<string | number> from Optional<string> | Optional<number> in the field declaration, so we give it the extra nudge in the form of the Optional<T> cast.

Is this a hack? If you view it as working around the TS checker’s inference limitations, maybe. I would agree it was a hack if it opened the door to mistyping values, or if the result didn’t work as well as desired

But the end result works as well as a "non-hack" solution, in that it correctly type-checks formatter given key. And I don’t see how the cast could result in the wrong type of value making it through.

techinplanet staff

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