Translating props in Vue.js

Asked By: Anonymous

I am using vuex-i18n to translate my strings and bootstrap-vue for styling.
Every bootstrap-component has props that I need to translate:

<b-input id="input2" placeholder="Username" />

Vue binds the raw text (here: Username) to the placeholder-prop and it obviously gets rendered verbatim (Username).

If I want to translate my placeholder, I think I have to bind it to a variable or computed property

<b-input id="input2" :placeholder="username" />

and translate it in the script section:

computed: {
  username() {
    return this.$t('forms.placeholders.username')

That is getting very verbose. Is there a better way?

What I would like to avoid, is having to create dozens of computed properties which basically return a translated string of the property’s name:

*username* ()
  return $t('*username*')


Answered By: Anonymous

You can directly pass the localized string into the prop instead of handling it inside the target component:

<b-input id="input2" :placeholder="$t('forms.placeholders.' + username)" />

You can also create a helper function by creating a vue plugin to wrap this code and make it shorter:

    install(Vue) {
        Vue.prototype.localizedTextFct = function (placeholder) {
            return this.$t('forms.placeholders.' + placeholder)

new Vue({

and you can now use the helper function like this:

<b-input id="input2" :placeholder="localizedTextFct(username)" />

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