Svelte: transferring props between parent and child

Asked By: Anonymous

I’ve wrote simple Modal component with two slots named button and content:

    let opened = false;

    function open() {
        opened = true;

<slot name="button" opened={opened} open={open}/>

{#if opened}
    <slot name="content"/>

Also, opened and open-method are passed to parent component via <slot name="button"

In App.svelte:

    import Modal from './Modal.svelte';

<Modal let:opened let:open>
    <button slot="button" on:click={open} class:opened>Open</button>
    <div slot="content">Content</div>

So, there are two questions:

1) It looks a little bit weird that props can be passed to parent just through any random slot.

Is it a good practice to do it like this?:

<slot opened={opened} open={open}/>

<slot name="button"/>

{#if opened}
    <slot name="content"/>

2) <div slot="content">Content</div> passed with its <div>. Could I pass only Content without <div> or can Content be unwrapped somehow?



Answered By: Anonymous

1) Yes it’s totally fine.
Alternative is to use data-binding or events to send info to a parent.

2) You can have a default slot, and it wouldn’t need a wrapping element. Example:

<!-- Modal.svelte -->

<!-- named slot -->
<slot name="button"/>

<!-- unnamed/default slot -->
<!-- usage -->
  <button slot="button"/>
  I'm unwrapped in the default slot! 

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