Worldwide there has been growing interest in introducing the fifth generation communication network (5G). Currently, extensive efforts have been made to have the network fully installed and functional by the end of 2019 or 2020.

The vendors and operators who claim that the 5G network will be better than the latter are actively involved in the standardization process. Some of the companies that are believed to be key in this process include Sprint, T- mobile and Verizon.

Nevertheless, there are vendors such as Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Cisco and Huawei who are intellectually and financially motivated so as to produce gadgets with 5G technological standards and functionalities.


Currently, the development of electronic devices in the world has drawn the advent need to have better internet which will bring a huge amount of data traffic and for this reason, there is dare need to have a better and stable cellular network like 5G.

Predictably, the worldwide data traffic monthly for the smartphones and electronic devices will be slightly over 50 petabytes by 2020 which will be 12 times more than the traffic in 2016. Besides, there will be low communication delay large heterogeneous interconnection to devices as well as high reliability.

The traffic volume with the electronic devices using the 5G cellular network is expected to shoot in future to over 67% as was evidenced in 2018; When using Virtual Reality (VR) we expect the perception will be over 10 Gbps traffic.

Nevertheless, the full High- Definition (HD) video feature is becoming crucial in most mobile devices and it will be boosted by the incorporation of the 5G mobile network.        

The 5G mobile network will be energy efficient as it is projected to reduce the usage of the current 4G network by 10 percent. This will lead to reduced power usage by the mobile devices as well as station antennas hence increasing the electronic battery life. With the new network technology, power will be saved because there will be virtualization and cloud technologies with efficient small gadgets for network protocols. Sleep mode will be easy to activate when there are network gaps and also during idle time.

The size of the electronic devices will be reduced drastically, whereby they will be using macro cells which will be availed in different powers and sizes e.g. femtocells and microcells. Besides they can be installed in densely populated areas and in the buildings.

Besides, this tremendous improvement in technology will lead to an additional number of 5G network users, reduced network latency, lower signal interface as well as use of fewer hardware systems in transferring the 5G cellular network.

The progress in making and installing the 5G telecommunication network is almost on the final stages, however, there is a need to have more trials and tests to make sure it is standard and stable for use. The 5G network has been stamped to be very concrete in the 21st Century so far as the mobile system is concerned. The 5th Generation mobile network is expected to avail high-speed broadband connectivity and act as a better basis for continued evolution in telecommunication years later.         

techinplanet staff

techinplanet staff

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