signaler not working (aurelia)

Asked By: Anonymous

I am using the RC.
Signaling was working (i use it alot) but then suddenly it stopped and i don’t find why.

you see in this code this.signals is quite empty and doesn’t contain my name “machines-fetched” (it has some values from translations

  BindingSignaler.prototype.signal = function signal(name) {
    var bindings = this.signals[name];
    if (!bindings) {
    var i = bindings.length;
    while (i--) {

It only contains some value from translation signal.
enter image description here



Answered By: Anonymous

It seems that i added some piece of code with invalid If.bind that caused the signaling from not working anymore:

 <span class="badge" if.bind="">
        <a  click.trigger="totop()">
           <i class="material-icons" style="font-size:1.2em"></i>

Removing the if.bind=”” (or adding a proper variable inside) fixed the problem

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