Shiny – Error in : Problem with `filter()` input `..1`


I’m trying to make an app with shiny, when I run the app with the code below appears an error.


Warning: Error in : Problem with `filter()` input `..2`.
ℹ Input `..2` is `site == input$cueva`.
x Input `..2` must be of size 672 or 1, not size 0.
  202: <Anonymous>


sampleTypeVector <- c("Tapete microbiano", "Estromatolito", "Sedimento", "Suelo")
caves <- c("Chimalacatepec", "Iglesia")

ui <- fluidPage(
    titlePanel("Taxonomic composition"),
        column(4, " ", 
               pickerInput("sample.type", label = "Sample", 
                           choices = sampleTypeVector,
                           multiple = TRUE,
                           options = pickerOptions(
                               actionsBox = TRUE
        column(8, " ",
              pickerInput("cave", label = "Cave", 
                          choices = caves,
                          multiple = TRUE,
                          options = pickerOptions(
                              actionsBox = TRUE
        column(6, " ", label = "Barplot",
               plotOutput("barplot", click = "plot_click"))

server <- function(input, output, session) {
    data <- reactive({
        phy1 %>%
            filter(sampleType == input$sample.type, site == input$cave)
    output$barplot <- renderPlot({
        phylum_barplot(data(), sample, relativeAb, Phylum, colorsVector)#function which makes a barplot with ggpplot

shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

And if I select all the options, my plot appears with fewer bars than it should, like the image below. It should be 48.

enter image description here

I try to fix the error adding sum() as I saw in other examples like this one: Getting error while using ggplot with r-shiny (Warning: Error in : Problem with filter() input ..1.). But when I add sum() in filter() appears the next error and my barplot doesn’t appear.

Warning: Error in : Problem with `filter()` input `..1`.
ℹ Input `..1` is `sum(sampleType == input$tipo.muestra, site == input$cueva)`.
x Input `..1` must be a logical vector, not a integer.
  202: <Anonymous>

And I don’t know how to fix it.

My data are here: data_shiny.csv

Thank you very much for your time.


I recently posted a question similar to yours, and the solution was to use %in%instead of ==in filter(). Maybe it solves your problem too.

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