Retrieve data by specific value in firebase

Asked By: Anonymous

I am new to firebase. I am making an app in vue and firebase. Here is I have ref ‘users’ like this snap.

enter image description here

In text:

email: "[email protected]"
name: "Carol Howard"
email: "[email protected]"
name: "Alvin Boyd"

I want to get name where email I will provide. Need solution in JavaScript which needs to able run in vue app. A function like this would be appriciate

// some code
return name

How can I accomplish this?


Answered By: Anonymous

Here bellow if you have a user email, then you can retrieve user name as follow;

getNameByEmail(email) {
        var db = firebase.database();
        var ref = db.ref('users').orderByChild('email').equalTo(email);
        ref.once('value', snapshot => {
           if (snapshot.exists()) {
               var name = snapshot.val();
               name = Object.values(name);
               name = name[0].name;
               console.log('User email : ' + email + ' User name: '+ name );
           } else {
              console.log('There is no user who has email like '+ email)


In case, if you are searching often users with emails, then better to define index for better performance set databse rules like;

  "rules": {
    ".read": true,
    ".write": "auth != null",
    "users": { ".indexOn": ["email"] }

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