Resource linking fails on lStar


I’m working on a React Native application. My Android builds began to fail in the CI environment (and locally) without any changes.

Execution failed for task ':app:processDevelopmentDebugResources'.

> A failure occurred while executing$ActionFacade
   > Android resource linking failed
.../app/build/intermediates/incremental/mergeDevelopmentDebugResources/merged.dir/values/values.xml:2682: AAPT: error: resource android:attr/lStar not found.

According to Android: Resource linking fails on test execution even when nothing has been changed, this happened because some library got upgraded.

lStar needs compileSdkVersion 31 and my project used compileSdkVersion 28.

How can I track which libraries got updated recently, or which library is causing this?


Go to your package.json file and delete as many dependencies as you can until the project builds successfully. Then start adding back the dependencies one by one to detect which ones have troubles.

Then you can manually patch those dependencies by acceding them on node_modules/[dependencie]/android/build.gradle and setting androidx.core:core-ktx: or androidx.core:core: to a specific version (1.6.0 in my case).


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