Read from SAS to R for only a subset of rows

Asked By: Anonymous

I have a very large dataset in SAS (> 6million rows). I’m trying to read that to R. For this purpose, I’m using "read_sas" from the "haven" library in R.

However, due to its extremely large size, I’d like to split the data into subsets (e.g., 12 subsets each having 500000 rows), and then read each subset into R. I was wondering if there is any possible way to address this issue. Any input is highly appreciated!


Answered By: Anonymous

Is there any way you can split the data with SAS beforehand … ?

read_sas has skip and n_max arguments, so if your increment size is N=5e5 you should be able to set an index i to read in the ith chunk of data using read_sas(..., skip=(i-1)*N, n_max=N). (There will presumably be some performance penalty to skipping rows, but I don’t know how bad it will be.)

techinplanet staff

techinplanet staff

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