Read contents of file into array inside vue component

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directory structure

Inside my media.txt file, I have:


I have the following Vue carousel component:


        <v-carousel-item v-for="(item,i) in items" :key="i" :src="item.src"></v-carousel-item>


var cache = {};
// const images = require.context('../static/', false, /.png$|.jpg/);
// const images = require.context('../static/', false, /.png$|.jpg|.mp4/); // WORKING
const images = require.context('../static/media.txt', false, /.png$|.jpg|.mp4/);
var imagesArray = Array.from(images.keys());
// const images = ["./52lv.PNG", "./Capture1.PNG", "./maps.PNG"]
var constructed = [];
function constructItems(fileNames, constructed) {
  fileNames.forEach(fileName => {
      'src': fileName.substr(1)
  return constructed;
console.log('items ');
// At build-time cache will be populated with all required modules. 
var res = constructItems(imagesArray, constructed);
export default {
  data: function() {
    return {
      items: res

I want to read the images from the media.txt file into an array, then populate the carousel src with these. I’ve been trying with Webpack’s require.context function, but I’m getting a module not found error.

How can I get this working?


Answered By: Anonymous

It looks like you’re trying to import a string array (JSON) into a variable. That string array should be delimited by square brackets like this:


require.context(dirPath, useSubDirs, filenameRegex) is not the appropriate API to use here, as that method imports multiple files from a specified directory. For instance, the code below tells Webpack to load *.png, *.jpg, and *.mp4 files from the directory named ../static/media.txt (which presumably is actually a file).

require.context('../static/media.txt', false, /.png$|.jpg|.mp4/) // DON'T DO THIS

Instead, you could simply use require('path/to/file.json') to import the specified file as a JSON object/array. For example, to import src/assets/media.json (containing the array mentioned at the top), the syntax would be:

// e.g., in src/components/Foo.vue
const media = require('../assets/media.json')
console.log(media) // => [ "foo", "bar" ]


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