Polymer: how to dynamically import an element

Asked By: Anonymous

Can anyone tell me how I could import an element depending on the value of a Polymer attribute?
I thought I could use data binding but… It’s not working. Is it possible to import an element dynamically?

code exemple here:

<link rel="import" href="app-window/{{name}}-app.html"> 
//This was my first idea (obviously doesn't work)

<polymer-element name="window-base" attributes="name" >
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="window-base.css">
        <section id="app">
            <!--here will go the instance-->
        Polymer('window-base', {
            name: "Finder",
            ready: function () {
            instanceApp: function () {
            //this depends on the import made
                var app=document.createElement(this.name + "-app");



Answered By: Anonymous

according to the Polymer 1.0 migration guide:

The global Polymer.import function is replaced by importHref. The new
method can be invoked from an element as this.importHref. Outside an
element, it can be called as as Polymer.Base.importHref.


this.importHref(["yourComponent.html"], function() {})

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