Narrately review – Best text to speech engine

Are you looking for an efficient and easy to use text to speech software that will help you convert your texts or documents to a natural sounding voice? Then look no further, Narrately purposefully developed for that.

One of the outstanding features of a good text to speech software is one that supports several documents formats. Narrately was developed with that feature in mind, therefore this powerful text-to-speech web application is capable of converting written text (Microsoft Word files, PDF files, epub, text, email, and many more formats) into human-like speech.

Narrately - text to speech engine

Narrately is completely unique, unlike other text to speech software it gives you real human-like voices for your YouTube videos, Article Podcasts, audio for e-learning material, explainer videos and many more.

Currently, Narrately is in the Beta stage of software development and our dedicated team of software developers is working tirelessly to improve user experience and add more features that will give our customers remarkable user experience.



Its simple and friendly user interface makes it very easy to use. Currently to use Narrately for first-time users just sign-up and get started.

Then you will need to upload your text or document that you want to convert to speech but remember as per now you are limited to a 1000 characters per conversion.

Select the voice of your preference then convert your text.

Finally, when the conversion is completed you can download it for use.



  • Text to speech: It has a text to speech feature that converts any text or document into  Real Human-Like voices.
  • Documents: Narrately supports PDF, text documents, Books and Docs.
  • Audio files: It converts documents in audio files.
  • Adjustable speech parameters: Freedom to adjust speed, voice type, and gender.
  • Different Languages: Narrately supports over twenty different languages.
  • Automatic in-built library: The library under the icon “ My conversions” keeps a record of all conversions initiated within Narrately in chronological order. No worries of losing files since all the files are saved automatically within the icon “ My conversions”.



Currently, it is completely free to use Narrately since it is in the Beta stage of development. Although you are currently limited to five conversions per week and each conversion is limited to up to 1000 characters per conversion.



Narrately is a unique text to speech software that is very handy for both personal and commercial purposes. Narrately is a very handy software for students, working professionals, foreign language learners and, dyslexic readers.

For commercial purposes, it means you can use your created audio files from Narrately in your YouTube channel, e-learning modules, your Podcasts channel, or other broadcasts.



For high efficiency and good user experience our dedicated team of software developers are working hard to make Narrately more efficient. In our upcoming development the following features will be available;

  • WordPress Plugin
  • Medium integration
  • Google Chrome extension
  • Firefox extension

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