Microsoft graph : UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: PolyFillNotAvailable: Library cannot function without fetch. So, please provide polyfill for it


Microsoft graph throws the below exception when initializing the client using the access token

enter image description here

the access token was generated just before initializing the client & also the same token works in post-man

what is that I’m doing wrong?

code 👇👇

let graphClient = graph.Client.init({
        // Use the provided access token to authenticate
        // requests
        authProvider: (done) => {
            done(null, accessToken);

Post-man response 👇👇

enter image description here


Quoting the install guide:

import @microsoft/microsoft-graph-client into your module and also you will need polyfills for fetch like isomorphic-fetch.

Here is what you need to do.

npm install isomorphic-fetch
import "isomorphic-fetch"; OR require('isomorphic-fetch');
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