Metadata file ‘.dll’ could not be found


I am working on a WPF, C# 3.0 project, and I get this error:

Error 1 Metadata file
'WORK=- ToolsVersionManagementSystemBusinessLogicLayerbinDebug
BusinessLogicLayer.dll' could not be found C:-=WORK=- Tools
VersionManagementSystemVersionManagementSystemCSC VersionManagementSystem

This is how I reference my usercontrols:

<vms:SignOffProjectListing Margin="5"/>

It happens after every failed build. The only way I can get the solution to compile is to comment out all my user controls and re-build the project, and then I uncomment the usercontrols and everything is fine.

I have checked build orders and dependencies configurations.

As you can see, it seems to have truncated the DLL file’s absolute path… I have read that there is a bug with the length. Is this a possible problem?

It’s very annoying and having to comment, build, and uncomment, the build is becoming extremely tiresome.


I just had the same problem. Visual Studio isn’t building the project that’s being referenced.

Written Instructions:

  1. Right click on the solution and click Properties.
  2. Click Configuration on the left.
  3. Make sure the check box under “Build” for the project it can’t find is checked. If it is already checked, uncheck, hit apply and check the boxes again.
  4. (Optional) You had to do it for both Release and Debug modes on the solution properties.

Screen capture Instructions:

  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Click on the GIF to zoom in, and hopefully it will be easy to follow:

Gif Instructions


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