mat-form-field must contain a MatFormFieldControl


We are trying to build our own form-field-Components at our Company. We are trying to wrap material design’s Components like this:


    <mat-hint align="start"><strong>{{hint}}</strong> </mat-hint>
    <mat-hint align="end">{{message.value.length}} / 256</mat-hint>
    <mat-error>This field is required</mat-error>


<field hint="hint">
    <input matInput 


<textbox value="test" hint="my hint"></textbox>

This results in approximately this:

    <textbox  placeholder="Personnummer/samordningsnummer" value="" ng-reflect-placeholder="Personnummer/samordningsnummer">
          <mat-form-field class="mat-input-container mat-form-field>
             <div class="mat-input-wrapper mat-form-field-wrapper">
                <div class="mat-input-flex mat-form-field-flex">
                   <div class="mat-input-infix mat-form-field-infix">
                      <input _ngcontent-c4="" class="mat-input-element mat-form-field-autofill-control" matinput="" ng-reflect-placeholder="Personnummer/samordningsnummer" ng-reflect-value="" id="mat-input-2" placeholder="Personnummer/samordningsnummer" aria-invalid="false">
                      <span class="mat-input-placeholder-wrapper mat-form-field-placeholder-wrapper"></span>
                <div class="mat-input-underline mat-form-field-underline">
                   <span class="mat-input-ripple mat-form-field-ripple"></span>
                <div class="mat-input-subscript-wrapper mat-form-field-subscript-wrapper"></div>

But I’m getting “mat-form-field must contain a MatFormFieldControl” in the console. I guess this has to do with mat-form-field not directly containing a matInput-field. But it is containing it, it’s just withing the ng-content projection.

Here is a blitz:


Import MatInputModule in your module.ts file and it will solve the problem.

import { MatInputModule } from '@angular/material/input';

The statement after it is the old answer.

Unfortunately content projection into mat-form-field is not supported yet.
Please track the following github issue to get the latest news about it.

By now the only solution for you is either place your content directly into mat-form-field component or implement a MatFormFieldControl class thus creating a custom form field component.


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