Complete guide to mass unfollow on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that is loved and used by over 1 billion people across the globe. People using Instagram have various aims such as posting videos for fun, posting photos for advertising their businesses and Instagram channels. In this advanced digital era, many people value social media and thus Instagram has been a lover of many.  

While using Instagram, you will know the number of people you follow as well as your followers. The maximum number of followers you can have is 7,500 ( for personal accounts) and it cannot exceed from there. Mass following is mostly evident in Instagram accounts of many people such as Businessmen and women, popular celebrities, socialites, upcoming celebrities as well as modeling agencies and models. Instagram is a platform you can share that spectacular photo you have been keeping in your gallery.

However, due to the high number of followers, one can feel constipated while using Instagram. The solution is resorting to mass unfollowing to reduce traffic on your Instagram account. If you have been a constant Instagram user typically you have a large following. You might decide mass unfollowing those accounts that posts contents that do not interest you or they have changed their strategy. In some instances, there are those people you follow but are usually offline or maybe deleted their accounts.

Here are are some of the reasons one can resort to Mass Unfollowing on Instagram

  • In-active Instagram Account

You might be following accounts that are always offline or never posts any content. This leads to mass unfollowing.

  • You don’t want more  Spasm on your Feed.

There are some accounts that usually posts contents all the time. If you are following such accounts you will constantly view the posted content which is boring. Thus you can Mass unfollow such accounts.

  • When you are soon reaching the Instagram Follow Limit.

The Instagram Follow Limit is 7,500 followers. In situations where you have 7,450 followers in your account, you can decide to apply Mass Unfollow to reduce the number of people you follow.

  • When you have  dim following/following Ratio

This happens in instances where one consistently gives attention to the following side and not the unfollowing. This leads to an imbalance in the ratio of followers one has and those who don’t follow him/her.

The following are simple guidelines some can use to Mass Unfollow on Instagram. The includes Apps that one can use to carry out Mass unfollowing.


  1. InstaClean


This App is used by Android Phone users and even those who don’t own a Smartphone uses the App as Android Emulator.

The steps include:

  • Download the App on Google  Store.
  • Log in to your Instagram account filling in the right user information.
  • After logging in, you will see all the accounts you follow.
  • Therefore, Click on all users you would wish to follow.
  • Click on the Tick icon situated at the upper corner of your computer or phone.


           1.0.1: Pros of using InstaClean

  • It is easy to execute.
  • Very quick and efficient.
  •  You can unfollow a large number of followers in seconds.

              1.0.2: Cons of using InstaClean

  • It can mainly be used by Android phone users which can be a disadvantage for those who can’t afford an Android smartphone.

2.0. “Cleaner for Ins” on iOS


For the iPhone user, this App is available on the App Store. After downloading it, apply the same procedure used in Android phones to do Mass  Unfollowing on Instagram.

          2.0.1: Pros of using Cleaner for Ins

  • It is easy to execute.
  • Has well-explained procedures hence can be used by anyone to do Mass Unfollowing.
  • The App is available on the App store thus it can be downloaded.

           2.0.2: Cons of using Cleaner for  Ins.

  • It’s only available on iOS.


3.0. Unfollow: A Highly recommendable option.


Unfollow is a very cheap option you can consider in Mass Unfollowing. It is responsible for 3 things.

  • Blocks ghost followers
  • Detects Inactive users
  • Unfollows inactive or non-followers

Unfollow functions automatically thus you do not need to put on many efforts in Mass unfollowing.

            3.0.1: Pros of using Unfollow App

  • Automatically detects inactive followers and unfollows them.
  • Aids in blocking ghost followers on your Instagram account.


             3.0.2: Cons of using Unfollow  App

  • It can mistakenly unfollow accounts that at the moment are inactive but their account has been functioning.


4.0 Turbo Unfollow App

mass unfollow instagram

This App is very compatible with any Android device one uses. The app aids in Mass unfollow Instagram. Turbo Unfollow can approximately unfollow more than 1000 Instagram accounts at the same time. It also aids in blocking spam accounts as well as reviewing the followers by the use of the Turbo’s data.

4.0.1: Pros of using Turbo Unfollow App.

  • It is compatible with any device.
  • Can quickly unfollow more than 1000 accounts at the same time.
  • Aids in blocking spam accounts.


                  4.0.2: Cons of using Turbo Unfollow App

  • It can mistakenly unfollow an account due to its high speed.

5.0. Unfollow Gram App

mass unfollow instagram

     This app is very efficient in mass to unfollow on Instagram and is being used by a large number of Instagram users. It keeps track of your unfollowing on Instagram since Instagram has a limit number of mass unfollowing. With Unfollow Gram you can have up to 3 Instagram accounts and you can easily have a follow up on your fans and followers.

       5.0.1: Pros of using Unfollow Gram

  • It is well compatible with all android devices.
  • You can have 3 accounts when using this App.

    5.0.2: Cons of using Unfollow Gram

  • It limits one’s mass unfollowing on Instagram. One can only Unfollow less than 50 accounts in a certain period.


6. Unfollow Users



mass unfollow instagram

This App is very swift and efficient in mass unfollow on  Instagram. The App allows the user to unfollow 10 followers at a time. Thus if you want to mass unfollow all you have to do is click on your list of followers then select all the followers you wish to unfollow.

      6.0.1: Pros of using Unfollow  Users

  • The App is free and easy to use.
  • It has ads that the user can view.


      6.0.2: Cons of using Unfollow Users

  • Limits one to only unfollow 10 followers at a time hence an advantage to an Instagram user who has 7000 followers.


In summary, having a mass following on Instagram can be tiring to keep track of every follower. In order to reduce the bulk in followers, you can resort to using mass unfollow Instagram Apps and other means to unfollow the inactive followers as well as block spasm on your Feed.

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