Listening to onpopstate event on vuejs

Asked By: Anonymous

I’m quite new to Vue and I’m trying to figure out how to listen to the onpopstate event on vuejs to start a specific function when it occurs. I went through the router documentation but I can’t find an equivalent for the onpopstate event handler on vue.

Thanks for the help,


Answered By: Anonymous

If you’re using vue-router in an SPA then I would just place it in the created hook of the base component:

  created() {
    // Attach onpopstate event handler
    window.onpopstate = function(event) {
      alert("location: " + document.location + ", state: " + JSON.stringify(event.state));

Because the base component serves up all views, you should find that the event will fire throughout your entire app.

Here’s the JSFiddle to show you how this setup would work:

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