Linker Command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation), Xcode 8, Swift 3


I can’t get rid of this error!

I have tried all sorts of things like clearing Derived Data(Preferences->Locations->click gray arrow to open Derived Data folder in Finder->right-click, move to trash), cleaning the project(CMD+Shift+K or Product->Clean), updating carthage and dependencies, checked other answers on StackOverflow (mostly adjustments in Build Settings/Phases), and recloned the app from github, etc.

The same project works on my collaborators computers..

From the current top-rated answer, I was able to debug a little further…I am still not sure how to fix though. It looks like I have something in the project twice? I looked and can’t find anything showing up twice!

Here’s a picture of the log:


i was facing same issue today in xcode 8 version 8.3.2

right click on issue –> reveal in log

enter image description here

then you are able to check what is causing that issue

enter image description here


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