JWT Token does not begin with Bearer String ,and in axioms when sending it began with Bearer


I’m trying to send a post request sending the token in the header and also as a string. The problem is authenticating the header in the backend gives me the error JWT Token does not begin with Bearer String.

Below is the relevant code.


    getUser() {
        if (token != null) {
            const config = {
                headers: { Authorization: `Bearer ${token}` }

            const formData = new FormData();
            formData.set("token", token);
            axios.post("http://localhost:8080/user/token", formData,config)
                .then((function (response) {
                    if (response.data.email !== null) {

                        sessionStorage.setItem("role", response.data.role);
                        sessionStorage.setItem("userId", response.data.id);
                        sessionStorage.setItem("name", response.data.name);

                        document.getElementById('loginResult').innerHTML = response.data.token;




  protected void configure(HttpSecurity httpSecurity) throws Exception {
              // We don't need CSRF for this example
              // dont authenticate this particular request
             // make sure we use stateless session; session won't be used to
             // store user's state.

             // Add a filter to validate the tokens with every request
        httpSecurity.addFilterBefore(jwtRequestFilter, UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter.class);

    public @ResponseBody User getUser(@RequestParam("token") String token){
        String email=jwtTokenUtil.getUsernameFromToken(token);
        User user=userRepository.getUserByUsername(email);
        return user ;

Google Inspect picture for the request


If you want to add Bearer in front of the token in the body you can add it with:

formData.set("token", `Bearer ${token}`);
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