Jenkins Password Param in Groovy


I’m trying to add a passwordParam to my Jenkins groovy file as such.
The intention is to have the password picked up by a job at runtime

pipelineJob(jobName) {
    parameters {
        choiceParam('ARTEFACT',artefactName,'Artefact to deploy?')
        choiceParam('CLUSTER',cluster,'Cluster to push to')
        stringParam('BRANCH','main','What branch should be used?')
        passwordParam('proxyUser', 'password123', 'ProxyPassword')

But I get the error

ERROR: (job_delete_release.groovy, line 23) No signature of method: javaposse.jobdsl.dsl.helpers.BuildParametersContext.passwordParam() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) values: [proxyUser, password123, ProxyPassword]

According to the documentation here it should be possible.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or if I’m missing something really obvious.


It looks like you are mixing DSL and Declarative syntaxs.

What you are writing here is JobDSL, however your link is to declarative code.
In the section you are writing you can only use the parameters available to JobDSL which can be found here:

Click the three dots in the parameters on

So for the JobDSL I believe you would use nonStoredPasswordParam (note I have never used it)

If you wanted your parameters in Declarative you would write them inside the pipeline section.

pipeline {
  agent any
  parameters {
    string(name: 'script_args', defaultValue: '--out_file --purge', description: 'Command line args to pass to script')
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