Invariant Violation: requireNativeComponent: “RNSScreen” was not found in the UIManager


I am getting RNSScreen error even though I have installed all related packages and followed react-navigation guide ( but nothing worked for me.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Finally found the solutions, first by creating new project and secondly re-setup of the react-google-maps library.

Workaround Solution: Created new project, installed all dependencies from scratch, followed step-by-step installation guidelines of react-native screens, and finally moved all my code files into a newly created project. This worked for me 😀

After digging into the project code and compared project code with newly generated code, here are my findings:

Actual Problem: We had integrated react-native-google-maps library some time ago, for which I and other developers followed step-by-step guidelines and made changes in the file in the android folder. There were some misconfigurations due to which RNSScreen issue was getting thrown.

Actual Solution Removed react-native-google-maps completely (uninstalled npm packages) and removed Google Maps configuration and did set up the react-google-maps library again

In conclusion, if any of the developers, try to set up google maps in react native, please check the version of react native and react-native-google-maps library and then follow the steps carefully.

Hopefully, this would answer your queries.


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