How to use v-select but not repeat itself while using v-for

Asked By: Anonymous

I have array of json in groupData, how to pass the data to v-select

I know what I am doing is wrong by using v-for inside v-select, but I am not sure how to pass data:

<v-select multiple
  v-for="group in groupsData"
  :options="[{label: group.group_name, value:}]">

Plugin URL:

This is how it’s done with vue.js without v-select plugin and this works:

<select v-model="selected" multiple>
  <option v-for="group in groupsData" v-bind:value="group.group_id">{{group.group_name}}</option>

Thanks in advance.


Answered By: Anonymous

Typically I use a computed property.

new Vue({
    groupsData: groups,
      return => ({label: g.group_name, value:}))

And in your template

<v-select multiple

Working example.

techinplanet staff

techinplanet staff

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