How to transpile compiled svelte with babel for safari 9

Asked By: Anonymous

Setup: webpack running svelte-loader and then babel-loader

Problem: even when other old browsers can now run the svelte code, safari 9 fails with

TypeError: type error

in the babel call to _isNativeFunction() on the HTMLElement class.


Answered By: Anonymous

It seems that svelte extends the HTMLElement class in some of its compiled code, and babel obviously will replace the extension of this class with
_wrapNativeSuper(HTMLElement) since that’s not ES5.

wrapNativeSuper is a babel method that ends up calling _isNativeFunction, and _isNativeFunction expects to be passed a function. Unfortunately, in older safari (and only in older safari), HTMLElement is not a function, and so _isNativeFunction throws this typeError even when the code is theoretically being transpiled for use with safari 9!

The hacky solution that I’ve found so far is from the following circa-2015 posts about this from the safari side of things:

Should I write v1 Custom Elements in a way that is backwards compatible with v0 API?

so it seems that this hack was kind of well known back in the day – basically just add a shim to allow HTMLElement to respond like a function:

if (typeof HTMLElement !== 'function'){
    var _HTMLElement = function(){};
    _HTMLElement.prototype = HTMLElement.prototype;
    HTMLElement = _HTMLElement;

I put the above code in before loading any of my frontend resources, and it worked a charm.

Further questions: Is there any danger to doing this? Is there a better way? Is this something babeljs should be taking care of as part of safari 9 support?

techinplanet staff

techinplanet staff

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