How to serve robots.txt for a Vue app


I use vue-loader to build my Vue app using webpack. My application is served by Firebase.

For SEO purposes, I need to serve the file robots.txt at the root of my application (GET /robots.txt).

How can I configure webpack/vue-loader to serve this file ?

This is my current webpack base config ./config/index.js

// see for documentation.
var path = require('path')

module.exports = {
  build: {
    env: require('./prod.env'),
    index: path.resolve(__dirname, '../dist/index.html'),
    assetsRoot: path.resolve(__dirname, '../dist'),
    assetsSubDirectory: 'static',
    assetsPublicPath: '/',
    productionSourceMap: true,
    // Gzip off by default as many popular static hosts such as
    // Surge or Netlify already gzip all static assets for you.
    // Before setting to `true`, make sure to:
    // npm install --save-dev compression-webpack-plugin
    productionGzip: false,
    productionGzipExtensions: ['js', 'css'],
    // Run the build command with an extra argument to
    // View the bundle analyzer report after build finishes:
    // `npm run build --report`
    // Set to `true` or `false` to always turn it on or off
    bundleAnalyzerReport: process.env.npm_config_report
  dev: {
    env: require('./dev.env'),
    port: 8080,
    autoOpenBrowser: true,
    assetsSubDirectory: 'static',
    assetsPublicPath: '/',
    proxyTable: {},
    // CSS Sourcemaps off by default because relative paths are "buggy"
    // with this option, according to the CSS-Loader README
    // (
    // In our experience, they generally work as expected,
    // just be aware of this issue when enabling this option.
    cssSourceMap: false


If I am assuming correctly, you are building your app using the npm run build command from the webpack template creating a /dist folder which you deploy to Firebase. If that is the case you can just add a robots.txt file to that dist folder next to the index. That should work.

However, if better SEO is your aim, it can be better to prerender the page or use Server Side Rendering depending on the complexity of your application.

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