How to fix warning “interaction added to non-interactive element no-invalid-interactive”


I just upgraded my Ember addon from version 3.0 to version 3.8, and I get this warning now:

Interaction added to non-interactive element no-invalid-interactive

An example of this is something like:

<div class="some-class" onclick={{action "selectDate" "today"}}>
    <div> more content </div>

When you click the action, it should take you to a new route.

What are my options to fix it the right way, so that it is accessible?


The solution here depends on what the action should do.

Refactoring an action that triggers a transition

Since this action takes the user to a new route, it should be a link element, <a> and not a button. This gives assistive technology/screen reader users a clue that interacting will take them somewhere new in the app.

This can be refactored to a link-to in Ember, which will wrap the content in <a>:

{{#link-to someRoute}}
    <div> more content </div>

someRoute could be a computed property if it needs to be informed by multiple pieces of data. Otherwise, it could be a string.

Refactoring an interaction that keeps you on the same page

In cases where the action does not take you to a different page, it may be appropriate to use a <button>. An example of this would be a button that expands a collapsible container or toggles a setting. However, the w3 validator tells us that you can’t put divs inside of buttons. You can use Phrasing Content that is non-interactive, such as <span>.

<button class="some-class" onclick={{action "toggleSomething"}}>
    <span> more content </span>

Learn More

To catch more accessibility problems in an app, try out ember-a11y-testing which audits your app for problems and gives you a report of how to fix them.

This question was answered as part of “May I Ask a Question” Season 2 Episode 3. If you would like to see us discuss this answer in full you can check out the video here:

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