How to embed a database into my vuejs app?

Asked By: Anonymous

I know this is a “generic” question, but please read it before judging:

I try to create a vuejs fullstack application that i can build and run with a single command. I use the vue-cli to create and build a project. Included is express and node (works fine). But I cannot figure out how to add database functionality to it. I thought mongodb and mongoose would fit, until I learned that I need a separate mongodb server running instead of getting it embedded within my build.

Is this even possible? I mean, android apps ship with SQLite that every app can use. Where do I need to research to get this job done? Google tells me to use mongoose, but it is not embedded as it seems.


Answered By: Anonymous

As requested, as an answer:

Databases are usually part of the back-end (in this case nodejs). There’s plenty of choices for embedable databases, the most popular one is SQLite.
It can be used either purely “in memory” or with persistence in the form of “database files”. More information how to use it in node can be found in the node-sqlite3 documentation

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