How to disable shardsWhitelist, I am getting Following error


So when I add shards in RawQueryParameter of Solr Admin I get following error

      "msg":"HttpShardHandlerFactory shardsWhitelist not configured but required (in lieu of ZkController 
       and ClusterState) when using the 'shards' parameter. set -Dsolr.disable.shardsWhitelist=true to 
       disable shards whitelist checks",

I want to disable it but didn’t found anything useful which is helpful
Please let me know how I can disable it

I don’t want to specify shards like

<str name="shardsWhitelist">${solr.shardsWhitelist:localhost:8080/solr/test,localhost:8080/solr/test2}</str>

just want to disable it


You can add it as an argument while starting the solr as below.


Also alternative option is you can add as
solr.disable.shardsWhitelist=true to file,

which is found at the path "...solr-VERSIONbin"

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