how to delete system 32

System32  folder contains all of the core files needed for booting up windows. The best part of system32 is that its self-healing. Means if you delete any important file from system32, Windows will quickly create a copy of that file. This article shows you how to delete the System32"folder for educational purposes.

Step 1. Acquire Administration Privilege

Click Start type cmd and press the Ctrl+Shift and Enter keys together to load the Command Prompt console with administrative privileges.

Step 2. Take System32 ownership

Type takeown /f C:\Windows\System32 and press Enter to take ownership of the System32 folder.

Step 3. Give yourself rights

Type Icacls C:\Windows\System32 and press Enter to give yourself rights to delete the System32 folder.

Now Close the Command Prompt console by typing Exit and then pressing Enter
Delete Folder & Close all applications that are running on your computer.

Step 4. selecting system 32

Double-click the Computer icon on the Windows desktop to open Windows Explorer. now
double-click the icon labeled Local Disk C and then enter the folder labeled Windows
and finally Select the folder labeled System32 by clicking on it.

Step – 5. Delete the system 32 folder

Press the Shift and Del keys together and click Yes on the Delete Folder confirmation dialog box to delete the System32 folder. Click Yes to All on any File Delete dialog boxes that you encounter during the file deletion process.

system32 folder will be deleted successfully & Nothing will work once you delete system 32 folder.

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