How to define jade template for using with Backbone

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I need to use template for rendering of each ItemView:

var ItemView = Backbone.View.extend({
    className: 'item',
    template: _.template($('#itemTemplate').html()),

    initialize: function () {


So I need to define html template at first:

<script id="itemTemplate" type="text/template">
  <img src="<%= photo %>" alt="<%= name %>" />
  <h1><%= name %><span><%= type %></span></h1>
  <div><%= address %></div>
    <dt>Tel:</dt><dd><%= tel %></dd>
    <dt>Email:</dt><dd><a href="mailto:<%= email %>"><%= email %></a></dd>

But I use Nodejs Jade Template Engine and I don’t understand how shuold I define in it.
Help please.


Answered By: Anonymous

That’s easy, but there’s one catch: You don’t want Jade to escape attributes content so use foo!='<%= bar &%>' instead of just foo='<%= bar &%>'.

Here we go:

  img(src!='<%= photo %>', alt!='<%= name %>')
  h1 <%= name %>
    span <%= type %>
  div <%= address %>
    dt Tel:
    dd <%= tel %>
    dt Email:
      a(href!='mailto:<%= email %>') <%= email %>

It’s tested, so you can use it right away 🙂

techinplanet staff

techinplanet staff

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