How to configure Aurelia to load modules from a folder?

Asked By: Anonymous

Aurelia has this fantastic ViewLocator strategy. I can’t figure out how to make it do the same for modules. Here’s a sample /src setup:

- src/
    - main.js
    - app/
        - app.js
        - app.html
    - foo/
        - foo.js
        - foo.html
    - bar/baz/
        - baz.js
        - baz.html

Following this convention, I’d like to be able to load app with the name app rather than app/app, foo with foo rather than foo/foo, and baz with bar/baz rather than bar/baz/baz.

So in effect, <path>/<module>/<module> should be accessible from <path>/<module>

In Aurelia, what is the best way to set this convention?


Answered By: Anonymous

There’s a convention for this, and it’s actually a general convention for node packages. First, structure your app module using an index.js entry point.

- src/
    - main.js
    - app/
        - index.js
        - app.js
        - app.html

Next, in your main.js code, use the feature “app”. This tells Aurelia to look for app/index.js and load it as a plugin.


export configure(aurelia) {

You can read more information about features here: Aurelia Features

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