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How to access Backbone objects from console?

Asked By: Anonymous

A Backbone Collection and some Views are created in the return function of click() as shown in the code snippet below.

Problem: How can I access backbone.js objects like the Collection productList using the Javascript console? this.productList does not return anything, so I believe productList is not a direct child of the window object. How then should I create productList collection?

JS Code

$('#submit_btn').click(function() {
        console.log('do something');
    }, function() {

        this.productList = new ProductCollection();
        var self = this;
        self.productListView = new ProductListView({ collection: self.productList });
            data: {gender: 'men'},
            processData: true



Answered By: Anonymous

Right now in this case you cannot can everything is in an anonymous function so you cant access it after the function has executed. This is anyways not the right way to do things, or not the backbone way.

This is how i generally do stuff,
create a central namespace like app and then create all the models, collections and views to that namespace as

window.App = {
   Curve : {},
   CurveManager : {},
   Views : {},
   Controller : {}

plus i think that you should take care of the click event from a backbone view itself then it would be comparatively easier for you to visualize things. For example in take a look at the AppView events. that should make things much more clearer.

here is that part of the code

var AppView = Backbone.View.extend({
    el: $("#todoapp"),
    statsTemplate: _.template($('#stats-template').html()),
    events: {
      "keypress #new-todo":  "createOnEnter",
      "click #clear-completed": "clearCompleted",
      "click #toggle-all": "toggleAllComplete"

    . // more code in between

    createOnEnter: function(e) {
      if (e.keyCode != 13) return;
      if (!this.input.val()) return;

      Todos.create({title: this.input.val()});

I generally look at other peoples code on github and try to learn how they do things and how things should be done, i suggest you do the same. It helps a lot 🙂 The todoapp annotated source is really clean and pretty easy to understand.

techinplanet staff

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