How do I put a nextjs app in maintenance mode (using Vercel)


I’ve just released my nextjs app to production using Vercel.

I’m loving the whole experience except for one tiny part: I would have loved to be able to put my app in maintenance mode, but this option does not seem available on Vercel.

My question is: Has anyone achieved this before and could share some details here?

I’m guessing it could be done at 2 levels:

  • Modifying my app so that if an environment variable (i.e MAINTENANCE_MODE=true) is detected, every page redirects to a maintenance screen. However, this is not ideal, because adding an environment variable on Vercel requires a deployment for it to be taken into account.
  • Having a simple per-project toggle to enable/disable maintenance mode from Vercel. That would be mind-blowing.


"Maintenance Mode" can be achieved with an Environment Variable and redirects property in your next.config.js (requires Next.js 9.5.0 or newer).

module.exports = {
  redirects() {
    return [
      process.env.MAINTENANCE_MODE === "1"
        ? { source: "/((?!maintenance).*)", destination: "/maintenance.html", permanent: false }
        : null,

This adds a wildcard route that matches incoming requests and then issues a temporary redirect the /maintenance.html location.

Note that you cannot make changes to a deployment (config or environment variables) without deploying again.

Old Answer

If you’re not using Next.js or using an old version of Next.js, "Maintenance Mode" can be achieved with the redirects property in vercel.json.

  "redirects": [
    { "source": "/((?!maintenance).*)", "destination": "/maintenance.html", "permanent": false }
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