How can I solve this invalid credentials problem on Bitbucket?


My Bitbucket password is correct because I can easily log in with this password. When I try to push a project or file to Bitbucket it shows "Invalid credentials error".

git push -u origin master

fatal: Invalid credentials
Password for 'https://[email protected]':
remote: Bitbucket Cloud recently stopped supporting account passwords for Git authentication.
remote: See our community post for more details:
remote: App passwords are recommended for most use cases and can be created in your Personal settings:
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

How can I solve this issue?


I had the same problem with my JetBrains IDE.
It was showing a password dialog when I tried updated project sources or push my commits.

enter image description here

I solved the problem by following the below steps

  • Open App Passwords page of personal settings on the Bitbucket
    enter image description here
  • Click on Create app password and tick at least the read and write permissions of the repositories for the basic pull and push actions. Then give some label and submit by Create.
    enter image description here
  • The generated app password should be passed in IDE
    enter image description here


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