Homebrew – requested URL retuned error: 404


I am trying to installed an older version of terragrunt using brew.
I have cd‘d into the tap directory of homebrew-core, found the commit I needed and attempted to install the version.

However I am getting the following error:

==> Downloading https://ghcr.io/v2/homebrew/core/terraform/manifests/0.13.2
##O=#  #
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404
Error: Failed to download resource "terraform_bottle_manifest"
Download failed: https://ghcr.io/v2/homebrew/core/terraform/manifests/0.13.2

if I try to access the URL manually (through the browser) I get the following error message:

{"errors":[{"code":"UNAUTHORIZED","message":"authentication required"}]}

Is there anything I am able to do to resolve this?



Homebrew provides versiond formula [email protected]. (terraform, [email protected] are different formulae, installed into different locations.)

brew install [email protected]

https://ghcr.io/v2/homebrew/core is the HOMEBREW_BOTTLE_DOMAIN, where all the prebuilt binary releases (bottles) are cached.

The error you provided means the cached prebuilt is deleted. (I guess Homebrew only provided bottles for the latest formulae.) You need to build terraform from source by yourself.

brew install --build-from-source terraform
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