Gradle tasks are not showing in the gradle tool window in Android Studio 4.2


I just updated Android Studio to version 4.2. I was surprised to not see the Gradle tasks in my project.

In the previous version, 4.1.3, I could see the tasks as shown here:

working in version 4.1.3

But now I only see the dependencies in version 4.2:

Not working in 4.2

I tried to clear Android Studio’s cache and sync my project again, but there was no change.

Is this a feature change?


OK, I found why I got this behaviour in android studio 4.2.

It is intended behaviour. I found the answer in this post:

Gradle task list is large and slow to populate in Android projects.
This feature by default is disabled for performance reasons. You can
re-enable it in: Settings | Experimental | Do not build Gradle task
list during Gradle sync.

Reload the Gradle project by clicking the "Sync Project with gradle Files" icon and the tasks will appear.

It could be cool that this experimental change is put in the release note of android studio 4.2.

enter image description here

enter image description here


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