Get the last item in an array


Here is my JavaScript code so far:

var linkElement = document.getElementById("BackButton");
var loc_array = document.location.href.split('/');
var newT = document.createTextNode(unescape(capWords(loc_array[loc_array.length-2]))); 

Currently it takes the second to last item in the array from the URL. However, I want to do a check for the last item in the array to be "index.html" and if so, grab the third to last item instead.


if (loc_array[loc_array.length - 1] === 'index.html') {
   // do something
} else {
   // something else

In the event that your server serves the same file for "index.html" and "inDEX.htML" you can also use: .toLowerCase().

Though, you might want to consider doing this server-side if possible: it will be cleaner and work for people without JS.

EDIT – ES-2022

Using ES-2022, the above may be written like this:

if ( === 'index.html') {
   // do something
} else {
   // something else


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