Ember Mixin undefined in controller

Asked By: Anonymous

May be a silly question, but can’t seem to get this right. I have some actions that I’d like to share across two controllers, so I’d like to define them in a mixin and then include them in the controllers. My syntax matches what I’ve seen in the guides:


Dashboard.Shared = Ember.Mixin.create
    showTab: (tab) ->
      //handle action here


Dashboard.MessagesContactsShowController = Ember.ObjectController.extend Dashboard.Shared,

Upon loading the app, I have this error:

Uncaught Error: Assertion Failed: Expected hash or Mixin instance, got [object Undefined] 

I’m not sure how to load this mixin before the controller since my files are separate (ref: what is the correct way to use coffeescript with ember´s Mixins?‘ve tried importing it but keep getting “reserved word” errors from coffeescript.

import { Shared } from './mixins/shared'


import Shared from "./mixins/shared"

What’s the proper way to get a mixin to load before the controllers it will be used in??

I’m using Ember 1.8.1


Answered By: Anonymous

Assuming you require your JS files in some main App script, the problem is most likely that “MessagesContactsShowController” sorts before “Shared”. When you require with a wildcard, the files are included in alpha order. You might try moving your Shared mixin to a different folder and then changing the order of your require statements so it is processed before MessagesContactsShowController

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