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Ember JS: observed properties on destroyed objects

Asked By: Anonymous

I’m working on a simple app which displays a list of issues of a particular repo on Github. Below is the code of IssueView which generates the html of an issue and insert to the DOM

 App.IssueView = Ember.View.extend({
   tagName: "li",
   classNames: ["sugar", "issue_wrapper"],
   templateName: "app/templates/issue",
   init: function() {
     App.LabelsController.addObserver("label", this, this.labelUpdated);
   click: function(event) {
     var target =;

     if (target.className == "title") {
       // Using bindingContext is a temporary solution to access data of this issue
       App.IssuesController.set("issue", this.bindingContext);
       App.IssuesController.set("state", "viewIssueDetails").notifyPropertyChange("state");
   labelUpdated: function() {
     this.labels = this.labels || this._collectLabels(),
     label = App.LabelsController.get("label").name;

     this.set("isVisible", this.labels.indexOf(label) != -1);
   _collectLabels: function() {
     var labels = [];

     this.bindingContext.labels.forEach(function(label) { labels.push( });

     return labels;

The way I generate it is

<script type="text/x-handlebars">
  {{#view App.IssuesListView}}
    {{#each App.IssuesController}}
      {{view App.IssueView contentBinding="this"}}

The problem I had is with this line

App.LabelsController.addObserver("label", this, this.labelUpdated);

Everytime a new IssueView is generated and inserted into the DOM, I got an error “You cannot set observed properties on destroyed objects” when the ‘label’ property of LabelsController is updated. When I look into Firebug I saw that my IssueView’s state is “destroy” instead of inDOM. I wonder why that happened and what can I do to get around it?


Answered By: Anonymous

The #each helper in your template will ensure that IssueViews are created and destroyed as the collection of issues changes. You are manually adding the observer, which means you are responsible for removing the observer, too. I believe that using the observes(...) function prototype extension will handle that for you. (See under “Observing Property Changes”).

If you want to pursue the manual route, consider moving the addObserver to didInsertElement and adding a corresponding removeObserver in willDestroyElement.

One side note: if I’m understanding what you are trying to do with this code correctly, I would consider binding to an ArrayController that handles presenting the correct set of issues based on the selected label instead of the approach you are taking.

techinplanet staff

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