Difference between Least Squares (LS) and Ordinary Least Squares (OLS)

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Difference between Least Squares (LS) and Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) with respect to Linear regression.

What I found:-
On searching a bit, I got a difference that in ordinary least squares we consider only the vertical distance between the predicted value and the given dependant variable, whereas, in the least Squares, we consider vertical and horizontal distance.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, add details if the explanation not complete or true.


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This is even more confusing because LS depends on wrt what deviation is considered.

Generally the usual OLS is wrt the deviations on ordinates of the points.

enter image description here

Copied from pp. 7-8 in https://fr.scribd.com/doc/14819165/Regressions-coniques-quadriques-circulaire-spherique

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techinplanet staff

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