Cypress React, cannot find root element to mount the component


Im trying to test my react app, created with (create-react-app) with cypress.

For some reason im getting this error:

enter image description here

As you can see it tries to get an element by ROOT_ID, ROOT_ID it’s a const:

enter image description here

All i find to fix this it’s an import on cypress/support/index.js

import "cypress-react-unit-test/support";

But as you can see here:

This repo has been moved to the official cypress and i can’t find the equivalent import.

Here is my plugins/index.js:

const findWebpack = require('find-webpack')
const webpackPreprocessor = require('@cypress/webpack-preprocessor')

 * @type {Cypress.PluginConfig}
module.exports = (on) => {
  // find the Webpack config used by react-scripts
  const webpackOptions = findWebpack.getWebpackOptions()

  if (!webpackOptions) {
    throw new Error('Could not find Webpack in this project 😢')

  const cleanOptions = {
    reactScripts: true,

  findWebpack.cleanForCypress(cleanOptions, webpackOptions)

  const options = {
    watchOptions: {},

  on('file:preprocessor', webpackPreprocessor(options))


So aparently I was using the wrong cypress module.

This is for react testing

npx cypress open-ct


npx cypress run-ct


const injectDevServer = require("@cypress/react/plugins/react-scripts")

module.exports = (on, config) => {
  injectDevServer(on, config)
  return config
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