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17 best Craigslist alternatives

Craigslist offers a variety of advertisement services. Are you looking for a job, a lover, a house, a platform to sell as well as buy goods? Craigslist got you covered. But there seem to be some Alternatives to Craigslist that you can put into consideration.

 Craigslist online services called it quits a while back and this left their customers in deep shock as their services were above average. Good news is that there are alternatives that can cover your needs. Have you ever come across a newspaper and at the back of it there is a section secluded for Advertisements of various products.

Craigslist is like that. In the current world we live in, technology has let to advancements of various aspects of life. Back then one had to look for a boyfriend or girlfriend in a more manual manner where you meet in person and if the chemistry is there then you can start a courtship.

But this is quite the exact opposite these days as one can just get dating sites online, post a photo and other required details then he/she would eventually get a match no matter their locations.  If one is hustling for a job then the Alternative Craigslist is the solution. Craigslist will give out the outline, structure, and cost of a house you are interested in renting or buying.


In this article, we are going to look at  17 best Craigslist alternatives.


1. Classified Ads

This Craigslist Alternative is a web that is free to use, ad viewing and posting for any products, goods, and services. Ads in Classified ads are accessible to any person regardless of their location in the world. The ads are very classified in various focus such as in jobs, real estate, property, vehicles, services required and wanted, etc.

  1. Pros of using Classified Ads
  • It’s easily accessible.
  • Provides Ads on a variety of categories that help users.
  • It is easy to use.
  1. Cons of using Classified Ads
  • One may fail to get the services they desire since it mainly focuses on business-related Ads.


2. FinderMaster

This is a highly recommended Craigslist alternative that you should consider using. Finding the services you are looking for is quite simple and easy. You can search for the sites by using maps or just by going through the menus provided.

2.0.1. Pros of using FinderMaster.

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • The ads are outlined in a nice manner for accessibility.

         2.0.2. Cons of using FinderMaster.

  • One may find it hard to use the maps to navigate the desired services.


3. Geebo

It aims at posting an advertisement for real estates, vehicles, employment, local artists, apartments, for sale, house for sale and other services. It updates its ads daily on its platforms and enables users to search and get the information they require on a given advertisement.

      3.0.1. Pros of  using Geebo

  • Simple to use
  • The ads are updated on a daily basis.
  • Provides a wide range of advertisements on categories of services.


      3.0.2. Cons of using Geebo      

  • It mainly focuses on business adverts which may be of less interest to some users.


4.  eBay Classifieds

This is a well known Craigslist alternative that is loved by many. It is also called Kijiji. eBay Classifieds is a digital market whose foundation is based on eBay, a huge online retailer. It allows users to search for any required advert on the site and they are able to view ads for free.

 4.0.1. Pros of using eBay Classifieds

  • It is very quick and efficient.
  • Provides a wide range of products and adverts to buy and sell

          4.0.2. Cons of using eBay Classifieds

  • Mainly based on business adverts which limit users who are up for other services.



5. Oodle

This website platform offers millions of ads to users to view and access for free. These ads can also be easily shared with friends, business partners, etc. It collects ads from newspapers and places them on its site for easy accessibility.

5.0.1. Pros of using Oodle

  • The ads can be accessed for free.
  • The ads can be shared with others.

      5.0.2.Cons of using Oodle

  • There can be a mistyping on the ads during their transfer from newspapers.


6. OLX  

This is an online purchase and sells website. This Craigslist alternative provides a wide range of information on the products to be sold and purchased for users to view. One can post ads for free on this platform.

    6.0.1.Pros of using OLX

  • Aids in quick purchase and selling of products online.
  • It is swift and easy to use.

    6.0.2. Cons of using OLX

  • A seller may post a product that is faulty which makes the buyer buy non-eligible products.


7. ClassifiedGiants

Craigslist Alternatives

This Craigslist Alternative also aims at connecting buyers and sellers online. It provides all kinds of advertisements that will suit the needs of people. It provides ads in categories such as vehicles, services required, employment, apartment, jobs, etc.

7.0.1. Pros of using ClassifiedGiants

  • Links buyers and sellers online for easy transactions.
  • It is quick and easy to use.

     7.0.2. Cons of using ClassifiedGiants

  • Maybe time-consuming if the buyer and seller are far apart from each other.


8. Backpage

This online platform provides the users a chance to search and post a variety of jobs on its platforms. This Craigslist Alternative is a classified online market that allows users to freely access ads on various products, sell as well as buy online. Its main objective is creating a link between the buyers and sellers across the globe.

 8.0.1. Pros of using Backpage

  • Links buyers and sellers online.
  • Provides ads that are accessed for free.

        8.0.2. Cons of using Backpage

  • The sold products online can be faulty which makes buyers to lose trust in sellers.


9. SpareRoom
Craigslist Alternatives

This is a platform for searching roommates or rooms available.  One can post ads a roommate wanted and room available. Some people might be in need of a roommate to share the cost of the house rent. Thus, this Craigslist Alternative is the solution if you are looking for a roommate. This enables a quick connection of a couple of people from different communities.

9.0.1. Pros of using SpareRoom

  • One can easily post the ‘roommate wanted’ ads and ‘rooms available’ ads.
  • It enhances the easy linkage of different people who want to be roommates.
  • Enhances interpersonal relationships.

        9.0.2. Cons of using SpareRoom

  • It can only be used for people who are a bit closer to each other not who are far apart.


10. Ghostlight Housing

Was initially termed as Gypsy Housing. This is a large Facebook group meant to aid people to find houses that meet their desired requirements. This Craigslist alternative is mainly meant for actors especially when they are on tours. This can aid in getting a secure house if you are visiting that desired city.

10.0.1. Pros of using Ghostlight Housing

  • It helps in accessing a secure house when you are on tour.
  • Actors now have a simple time in getting houses while visiting other cities.

        10.0.2. Cons of using Ghostlight Housing

  • It is mainly meant for actors which may limit other people.


11. Roomster

Craigslist Alternatives

It was first established in 2003 with the aim of helping people find roommates easily online. It is a home sharing web that offers great and faster services. It gives the homeowners a chance to post the listings and prices if they are in need of a roommate, tenant or an entire place.

11.0.1. Pros of using Roomster.

  • It helps easy access for people to meet and become roommates.
  • It is quick and efficient to use.
  • Provides a listing of the services offered.

      11.0.2. Cons of using Roomster.

  • The listings on the posts may be way costly hence other people may fail to afford it.


12. Moonlighting

Are you looking for a job? This is the exact place you should be. Moonlighting Craigslist alternative offers an opportunity for job seekers to meet clients. It is a link between clients and job seekers. It offers a variety of job chances going from web designer to wedding photographers. Hence, whichever skills you got you can always have something to do.

12.0.1. Pros of using Moonlighting

  • Easy to use
  • Clients and job seekers can easily link up.

        12.0.2. Cons of using Moonlighting.

  • Some people who have skills that are not found on this platform might have a hard time getting jobs.


13. Glassdoor

This Craigslist alternative was established in 2008 and it is a popular job searching website. The site lists jobs and enhances you to go through the reviews. This makes you have extensive knowledge about the company culture and jobs you are searching for. The salary range for each job is also provided. Thus the information helps you go for that desired job.

13.0.1. Pros of using Glassdoor

  • Gives extensive information on the jobs posted.
  • Provides the salary range for each job.
  • Links job seekers to clients.

       13.0.2. Cons of using Glassdoor

  • The job may be promising but the salary range may be low for the job seeker.


14.  TaskRabbit

Craigslist Alternatives

This is a matching site that is in charge of connecting job seekers and clients in a day. It first allows taskers to form their profiles and their hourly rate they prefer. Afterward, the clients searching for help, post jobs in various sectors. The taskers only have to choose the desired job and if their profiles are satisfactory the Client chooses them, hence they are matched.

14.0.1. Pros of using TaskRabbit

  • It is simple to link with a client on the desired job.
  • The client’s profile shows their skills which makes it easy for clients to select.


       14.0.2. Cons of  using TaskRabbit

  • Due to the lack of certification, the taskers may provide wrong information just to earn the job.



15. Grindr

Is best suitable for any person who wants a casual date, hook up or a one- night stand. This Craigslist Alternative shows the distance you are in and the other user, who is also approximately near you. This is to make it easy to meet up.

     15.0.1. Pros of using Grindr   

  • Easy to link up with the other selected users near you.
  • It is quick and simple to use.


     15.0.2. Cons of Grindr

  • One might fail to meet the desired match near them which may be difficult to find a date.



16. Happn

Craigslist Alternatives


This is a ‘Missed Connections’ Craigslist Alternative to find that date, hook up on one-time love. When using this dating app,  you are able to see the profiles of other users. You can select your preferences and afterwards you can decide if you want to chat with the person or go to the next person.

16.0.1. Pros of using Happn

  • Acts a link for two people who are looking for a date.
  • It is easy to use.


      16.0.2. Cons of using Happn

  • One may find the profiles of other users not fulfilling as per the person’s required standards.


17. CasualX

Craigslist Alternatives


  The term casual says it all. This is a dating app for people who are not up for relationships but just as casual date/ hookup experience. So if you are in need of a one night stand or hook up then this is the app for you.

  17.0.1. Pros of using CasualX

  • Two people looking for a date can easily link up.
  • It is very efficient and easy to use.


     17.0.2. Cons of using CasualX

  • One may place their profile just for the sake of.



In Conclusion, these outlined Craigslist Alternatives are very important and I am sure this article has given you a wide range of Craiglist alternatives to choose from. Whether you are searching for a house, a job or a lover, strain no more because these alternatives can help you out in your endeavors. Feel free to share the link of this post with your friend.

techinplanet staff

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