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Core-drawer-panel closed on large screens as well?

Asked By: Anonymous

I’m building my first polymer/material design webapp. In it, I’m using a core-drawer-panel. It’s normal behaviour is that it is opened on large screens, but I want it to behave the same on large screens as on small screens. Is this possible?


    <core-drawer-panel id="drawerPanel" rightDrawer>

        <core-header-panel drawer>

            <core-toolbar id="navheader'">




                <core-item label="One"></core-item>
                <core-item label="Two"></core-item>



        <core-header-panel main>





Answered By: Anonymous


In the latest release of the polymer core elements (0.5.0), there’s a new attribute you can set to <core-drawer-panel>which is forceNarrowwhich forces the panel to always be narrow no matter what width or responsive width it deals with.

If this is what you need, just do this:

<core-drawer-panel forceNarrow>...</core-drawer-panel>


You can try changing the responsiveWidth attribute to something absurdly large.

The responsiveWidth attribute specifies at what width do you want the core-drawer-panel to be opened by default.


<core-drawer-panel responsiveWidth="500px">...</core-drawer-panel>

This means that above 500px the core-drawer-panel will be open and below 500px the panel will be closed and you’ll have to toggle it on and off either by swiping or pressing a menu button you hooked onto it.

techinplanet staff

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