Completion and linting in the editor for Python files will not work during current session, or stopped working


I don’t know how to repair the error. Every time I open Spyder the warnings shows up and restarting the aplication doesn’t solve the problem.

If you can help me I would appreciate it.

Spyder Completion Warning
enter image description here


As the dialog says you need to check your firewall or antivirus since probably one of them is stopping/preventing the launching of the process that Spyder uses to provide completions and linting. To check if either your firewall or antivirus is causing the problem you could try to deactivate/disable them temporarly and try to launch Spyder again. If that helps then you need to create rules to allow Python processes.

Another option, if you are ok without having those services (completion and linting), is to ignore this message and select the Don't show again checkbox to prevent seen it again.

For more details regarding completion and linting services that Spyder provides you can check the documentation here:

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