Sea of thieves Best game for PC?

A Sea of Thieves Pc game walkthrough may seem like a touch of an odd thought, given how to a great extent non-direct a significant part of the diversion can be, all things considered, given the amount of your movement is fixing to the amusement’s three organizations together and their missions, knowing precisely what to do first in [...]


How to run Jio Tv app on PC

Using Jio TV App, you can search TV programs from 300+ channels and watch unlimited content with exciting features like: Watch past 7 days aired shows Pause and continue your favorite programs Rewind and Forward for 30 seconds Multi-lingual Share with your loved ones on social media what if you can watch all of it on your [...]


how to delete system 32

System32  folder contains all of the core files needed for booting up windows. The best part of system32 is that its self-healing. Means if you delete any important file from system32, Windows will quickly create a copy of that file. This article shows you how to delete the System32"folder for educational purposes. Step 1. Acquire [...]


5 best & free screen recorders

Are you starting with screen casting for the first time? Or you are looking for a way to create YouTube tutorials? Either way, you are going to need a screen recorder software. There are so many of them online, so choosing the best one isn’t an easy task. Furthermore, some of them are more suitable for experienced users, while others are [...]



Usually, we relate RAM with the speed/computer performance which is right in broader sense. RAM (Random-access memory) does speed things up, word DDR stands for Double Data Rate, DDR technology superseded SDR – Single Data Rate RAM technology allowing data transfer at a double rate with same clock frequency. DDR2 Vs DDR3 can be [...]