Can’t connect MySQL locally through MySQL Workbench


I followed to install MySQL on my MacBook running Big Sur.

I’m attempting to create a new connection and I click the button labelled "Configure Server Management" and before I can complete the installation I’m met with the following error:

Check if ~/sandboxes/msb_|Enter version here|/my.sandbox.cnf can be accessed
Operation failed: File ~/sandboxes/msb_|Enter version here|/my.sandbox.cnf doesn't exist

Couldn’t find a solve for this anywhere.


On macOS MySQL doesn’t use a configuration file by default. It runs with default values. So, for the connection setup part you can just ignore the error and skip over that page.

You can later create a config file in the admin section of your connection and once that has been stored update the management section in the connections editor with the correct path.

enter image description here

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