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Best way to extract the data from the string

Asked By: Anonymous

I want to parse the mobile number from the string. The string may have a landline and extension code and a mobile number. The mobile number always starts with "Mobile:"

For example:

Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx ext. 215 => return Empty

Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000 => return 9xx-xxx-x000

Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000 Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx => return 9xx-xxx-x000

Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000 ext. 215 => return 9xx-xxx-x000

Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000 Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx ext. 215 => return 9xx-xxx-x000

Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx ext. 215 Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000 => return 9xx-xxx-x000

I have tried following code to extract the mobile number but it’s not working correctly –

$stringList = [
            "a" => "Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx ext. 215",
            "b" => "Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000",
            "c" => "Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000 Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx",
            "d" => "Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000 ext. 215",
            "e" => "Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000 Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx ext. 215",
            "f" => "Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx ext. 215 Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000"

        $stringOutput = [];
        foreach($stringList as $k => $s) {
            if(strpos($s, "Mobile:") !== false) {
                $parseString = substr($s, strpos($s, "Mobile:"));
                $parseString = explode("Phone:", $parseString)[0];
                $parseString = explode("ext.", $parseString)[0];
                $stringOutput[$k] = trim($parseString);

    [b] => Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000
    [c] => Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000
    [d] => Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000
    [e] => Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000
    [f] => Mobile: 9xx-xxx-x000

Is there any efficient way to achieve this task, are we able to parse this using regex or any other method?


Answered By: Anonymous

You could use a pattern with a capture group and a backreference to match the delimiters in the number.

bMobile:s*(d{3}([ -]?)d{3}2d{4})b
  • bMobile:s* Match the word Mobile: and optional whitespace chars
  • ( Capture group 1
    • d{3} Match 3 digits
    • ([ -]?) Capture group 2 match a delimiter being an optional or -
    • d{3} Match 3 digits
    • 2 Backreference to match the same as the captured delimiter in group 2
    • d{4} Match 4 digits
  • ) Close group 1
  • b A word boundary to prevent an empty match

Regex demo

$s = "Mobile: 911-111-1000 Phone: 111-111-1111";
$pattern = '/bMobile:s*(d{3}([ -]?)d{3}2d{4})b/';
if (preg_match($pattern, $s, $match)) {
    echo $match[1];



Or using K without the outer capture group:

bMobile:s*Kd{3}([ -]?)d{3}1d{4}b

Regex demo

$s = "Mobile: 9111111000 Phone: 111-111-1111";
$pattern = '/bMobile:s*Kd{3}([ -]?)d{3}1d{4}b/';
if (preg_match($pattern, $s, $match)) {
    echo $match[0];



techinplanet staff

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