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21 Best Tumblr Alternatives

Tumblr is a social networking website which is famously renowned for its features which enable its users to do micro-blogging, posting of videos, photos, and blogs. Tumblr has high audience coverage and also allows users to make free blogs. Tumblr has also some disadvantages and limitations based on certain factors such as its boring features. Therefore, because of this many Tumblr users opt for better Tumbler alternatives which can fully satisfy their needs.

We hope this article will be of great benefit to you in your quench of choosing better Tumblr alternatives.


Tumblr Alternatives

This website is owned by CBS Interactive. Just like Tumblr users can listen and stream music. For paid plans, users can also stream various stations a feature which is lacking at Tumblr making it one of the best Tumblr alternative.

2. Mastodon

Tumblr Alternatives

It is a self-hosted social media and a social networking platform. Mastodon is decentralized in nature, in that it gives room to members to host their own servers in the network but all exist within the same network.

In reaction to Tumblrs situation, Mastodon made a hilarious post with reasons why individuals should join their website. (


3. Dreamwidth

Dreamwidth is a free platform since you will not need to make any sign-up payment. This site is the best Tumblr alternative for those creative individuals who would wish to share their creative writings and artwork.

Dreamwidth made a post on their official website after the ban that made many Tumblr users abandon it welcoming them to Dreamwidth. “Welcome to Dreamwidth, Tumblr Folks!”

4. Mastodon

To use it you only need to sign-up for free on the website. Just like Tumblr, you can access news, music, and videos making it one of the best Tumblr alternative.


5. Medium

Tumblr Alternatives

Medium was founded by ex-chairman and CEO of Twitter. Medium is doing well, and for the past four years, it has emerged as one of the most popular blogging platforms. It is distinctively unique when compared to Tumbler making it one of the most amazing Tumblr alternative that you may consider.


6. Hubpages

Are you looking for a blogging website to act as Tumbler alternative? Then Hubpages got you covered. A good number of passionate and talented writers prioritize Hubpages over Tumblr due to its ability to enable users to earn income by displaying specific ads related to their content.

7. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 30 million active users all over the world. Its popularity makes it the best Tumblr alternative since you can connect to any individual as compared to Tumblr. Twitter also has unique features such as image editing, hashtags, group and private messaging, notification alerts among many other features making it very handy and useful. No subscription fee is required for one to use Twitter.


8. Ghost

Ghost is one of the famous blogging websites. Ghost pitched itself in a blog post on their website as the best Tumblr alternative.  They even went ahead and updated its website based on Tumblr’s ban. At Ghost, subscribers have full freedom to access or upload any content.


9. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most famous social media platforms in the world. With Facebook, you can communicate with family and friends using the facebook app which is compatible with Android, iOS, and browser. It has great features which allow you to update your status, share your photos and posts, and it also values privacy. With this unique feature, Facebook qualifies to be one of the best Tumblr alternatives given that is also free of charge to use.


10. Posthaven

Tumblr Alternatives

What a great Tumblr alternative?  Posthaven is the Tumblr alternative that you are looking for. With a monthly subscription of only $5 dollars per month, you can get a blog account at Posthaven with up to 10 blogs. The major problem associated with Posthaven is that it does not offer a trial account, for you to start using it you have to pay the subscription.


11. Reddit

Just like Tumblr, Reddit is also a social news forum and website where content can be curated and voting is always done by Reddit member to promote the contents. For individuals who would like to use Reddit basic feature, it is free of charge and a monthly or yearly subscription of users who would like to upgrade to Reddit Gold. Reddit has users who post content and can vote and comment on other posts.

12. My space


This website is one of the best alternatives for Tumblr because you will be able to connect, discover and share culture, photos, videos, and people. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and browser.

It has Twitter integration, you can also listen, mix and play music within this site. Its sign-up is free and no subscription is currently required.


13. Typepad


If you are looking outstanding and powerful Tumblr alternative, then look no further than Typepad.

This blogging website has numerous built-in analytics tools to your accurate statistics on your blog.

Amazingly Typepad also promotes blogs on its own network, which further increases chances of garnering that unique traffic on your blog. It does not offer a free trial account and it has plans starting from as low as 8.95 US dollars per month.



Just like Tumblr, is a very useful site when it comes to creating blog posts,  and posts for social media making it an amazing alternative for Tumblr.

This Tumblr alternative also values users privacy hence, it allows the users to post anonymously if they wish to do so. To share your post, generates a link to the post. The discouraging part of using this app is that the best features are limited to payable plans and it has no Facebook integration.


15. StumbleUpon

You don’t need to make any payment to use this site. It has an app which is compatible with iOS, Android and browser. If you want to locate useful content online then StumbleUpon got you covered hence making it one of the most amazing Tumblr since it can also curate customized content for the user.


16. Soup

Its name Soup might sound funny and peculiar, but Soup is like an identical twin sister to Tumblr making it a strong Tumblr alternative. With Soup you can import post directly from other social media such as Twitter. Soup is a micro-blogging site therefore, it does not have numerous blog feature like other blog sites like WordPress has.


17. Google Sheets

There are individuals who like Tumbler since it has a spreadsheet feature that is very handy. Google Sheet is one of the best spreadsheet apps that resembles the functionality of Tumblr spreadsheet making it an ideal Tumblr alternative. Google sheet is free of charge with free online storage of up to 15 GB which is the maximum storage limit for a Google account. TO use Google sheet you will also need a reliable internet connection and a browser most preferably Google Chrome will give you ample working time.

18. Instagram

Just like Tumblr with Instagram also have features which can enable instant messaging, live video streaming, performance tracking, hashtags, image and video editing, search functionality, sharing videos among many other handy features. But given Instagram has huge subscribers than Tumblr, this makes it the best Tumblr alternative. If you have never used it then this is the best option that can’t let you down.

19. Svbtle

Tumblr Alternatives

Just like Tumblr, with Svbtle you can also write, read and post your ideas within this platform. It is an ideal site for social networking and its unique feature which allows Twitter incorporation makes it outstanding. This uniqueness makes it one of amazing Tumblr alternative that you might consider shifting too.

20. Blogger

Blogger is owned by tech giant Google. It is one of the best Tumblr alternatives since this blogging platform is easy to use. At blogger an individual can have up to 100 blog posts for one account.

21. WordPress

Not forgetting that at Tumblr users can share their thoughts in blogs, therefore by mentioning the word blog we can’t forget to mention the giant WordPress. Without a doubt, WordPress is an exemplary Tumblr alternative when it comes to blogging needs. Users can make this as a source of income.

I hope this blog post has solved your dilemma on which alternative to Tumblr you should settle for depending on your needs. If you are looking for a better blogging site or just a social networking site, this post has given a clear insight. All the best.

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