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11 best reverse Image search engines

The digital world we live values the features an image portrays and the beauty of it. In some instances, you might have taken a photo but all over a sudden, you realize it has been posted on a social media platform without your consent. In such a situation you don’t have to panic because the Reverse Image Search engine is here to help.

Reverse Image Search is a digitally advanced image retrieval feature that aids in searching for an image or related images. Reverse Images search engines are very crucial when you are in dire need to find an image that is related to your business, outfits, a variety of dishes that are related to the desired photo. With Reverse Image Search, you can be able to retrieve an image that had been posted without your consent. The best part of it is that Reverse Image Search engines not only shows you the searched image but also when and where it was last uploaded.

 In addition, Reverse Image Search engines are also able to show you other images related to the image you’ve searched. In this article, we are going to discuss the 11 best Reverse Image Search engines that you can use with ease and proficiency.

1.Google Lens

reverse Image search engines



In the beginning, it was called Pixel exclusive. Afterward, it was incorporated into Google Photos by Google thus its highly recommendable. This Reverse Image Search is the engine is preferably used by both ios and Android users since it has Lens. Google Lens exists as a standalone App on Android and on IOS  Google Lens are found on Google App. It similarly functions as Google Image due to its Visual search engine features that are responsible for analyzing any desired image.

1.0.1: Pros of using Google Lens

  • It is available for both Android and IOS users.
  • It can be found on Google Store.
  • It is very efficient in the retrieval of desired images.

1.0.2: Cons of using Google Lens.

  • Can leads to pop-up ads that are unnecessary since it uses google photos.


2. Yandex


reverse Image search engines

This Reverse Image Search is mainly used by people in Russia. It functions in a  slightly similar way to Google. You can be able to use the camera to search for an image.


  1. First, upload the desired image
  2. Click on the camera icon to search image on the search bar.

        2.0.1: Pros of using Yandex

  • Easy and faster in search and retrieval of images.

         2.0.2: Cons of using Yandex.

  • Can only be mainly used those who speak the Russian language.


3. Google Images

It is most preferred by many. Google is a website that holds a lot of databases. This Reverse Image Search engine is easy and free to use by anyone. One can upload many images at once and also searching takes a short time to bring the results.


  1. Upload the desired image. If you have a link, paste t first.
  2. Place the image on the search bar then click on enter icon. You will immediately get your results.

3.0.1: Pros of using Google Images

  • It is easy and very efficient in searching for images.
  • More than 2 images can be uploaded for search at the same time.

                        3.0.2: Cons of using Google Images.

  • Since it can collectively upload more images at the same, this can lead to irrelevant images after the search.

4. Search by  Image.

reverse Image search engines

This Reverse Image Search engine is very effective. It is a precursor of Google Chrome. When an image is uploaded, this reverse image search uses an extension of Google Chrome to search for similar images.

The Steps

i)First, using plugins move them in your Google Chrome Browser.

  1. Click the image and upload it.
  2. Afterward, select and click the small camera icon to search further any corresponding images.
  3. Select the search icon then search the image.
  4. Finally, click on the selected image and select the image.

 4.0.1: Pros of using Search by Image

  • Its procedure is easy to execute.
  • It’s a very faster Reverse Image Search in searching for images.

 4.0.2: Cons of using Search by Image

  • It is only available in Google Chrome Browser.


5. My PicGuard

Ever experienced an instance where your image is trending on social media platforms, yet it’s not you updated it? My PicGuard is the Reverse Image Search you should consider. It is able to show you used your image when it was uploaded and also other sites that are using the image.


  1. First, Install the My PicGuard App.
  2. Sign up for an account.
  3. Afterward, you will be given 100 free credits. The credits are used in uploading of the desired image.
  4. Click the search button then search the image.
  5. Click on the Click to search option.


5.0.1: Pros of using My PicGuard.

  • It has a procedure that is easy to use.\
  • Can help one detect the person who uploaded the image and the time it was uploaded.

5.0.2: Cons of using My PicGuard.

  • Without the App, one can hardly use My PicGuard  Reverse Image Search.


6. Reverse Image Search App

reverse Image search engines

If you are looking for a Reverse Image Search engine for your Windows phone/computer this the solution. With this Reverse Image Search, you can search for images on other search engines such as Yandex, TinEye, and Google with a roll on your camera. An image will be uploaded hence the image can be searched.

6.0.1: Pros of using Reverse Image Search App.

  • Faster and easier to use.
  • Way better features in image retrieval.

  6.0.2: Cons of using Reverse Image Search App.

  • It’s only used for Windows phone (NO one uses now )


7. Baidu

Are you a Chinese Native searching for a Reverse Image Search? Baidu is the option for you. It is in the Chinese Language hence if you are using it you will first be required to translate it another comprehensive language.  This Reverse Image Search is favorable for users who have knowledge of the Chinese language.


  1. On the search bar, select on a huge button.
  2. Then upload your desired image for search.

  7.0.1: Pros of using Baidu

  • It is very liable and quick.
  • It is free

    7.0.2: Cons of using Baidu.

  • It’s only used by Chinese people and those who have to know Chinese.


8. Pinterest Visual Search Tool

This Reverse Image Search engine has made tremendous advancements. Most people use Pinterest in searching for the desired images. Pinterest easy to use. It has Pins which aids you in searching for the related image.


  1. Using the Pin, Zoom in a section of an image for the visual part.
  2. The image will come and even other related images.

8.0.1: Pros of using Pinterest Visual Search Tool

  • Its less time consuming due to its fastness on the search of the desired image.
  • Has a procedure that is easy to follow.

8.0.2: Cons of using Pinterest

  • Without the App, you can have a hard time searching for the required image.


9. Karma Decay

reverse Image search engines

Is one of the best Reverse Image Search engines you can use. However, it is mainly used on Reddit. It also acts as a watchdog to help you avoid uploading the same image on Reddit. Hence, good news to all  Reddit users since this is the Reverse Image Search to use.


  1. Select the image.
  2. Paste the image to be uploaded
  3. Select search to search the image.

9.0.1:  Pros of using Karma Decay

  • It is easy to use.
  • Its procedure is easy to follow.

9.0.2: Cons of using Karma Decay

  • It’s only available for Reddit users.


10. TinEye.

This Reverse Image search engine is very compatible with all Android devices.  Aids in searching an Image or URL.

 This Reverse Image Search is very compatible with all android devices. It aids in searching through the uploading of an image or URL.

  10.0.1: Pros of using TinEye.

  • This Reverse Image Search engine helps one in giving important credentials such as Oldest, Biggest Image, Newest, Most  Change or Best match.

  10.0.2: Cons of using TinEye.

  • It may provide irrelevant information during the search.


11. Image Raider

This Reverse Image Search engine is easily applicable. It is able to use Google, Yandex, and Bing in image search. Image Raider has a unique feature that makes it favorable to use. One can upload more than 3 images at the same time to be searched. Hence it’s less time-consuming. If you have a passion for designing and taking photos this is the Reverse Image Search that you can use.

11.0.1: Pros of using Image Raider.

  • Can be used in designing and photography.
  • Can search more than 3 images at the same time.

   11.0.2: Cons of using Image Raider.

  • One can easily search for irrelevant images in relation to the image uploaded.


In conclusion, Reverse Image search is very useful in tracking how many sites are using the desired image as well as when it was uploaded. Thus, if you are a photo lover, Reverse Image Search engines are what to use.

techinplanet staff

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